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Welcome to Rovinj!

Rovinj is a small city of only 15 thousand people. The City is located on the western coast of the Istrian Penninsula. Its ideal position means that it is located only an hour awaz from Trieste and three hours from the Croatian capital of Zagreb, 500 kilometers from Vienna and half a day drive from Munich and just about as much from Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. All of this contributes to the fact that Rovinj finds itself at the crossroads of central Europe. All of this contributes to the fact that Rovinj finds itself at the crossroads of central Europe.
Accomodating and Mediterranean climate throughout the entire year provides a comfortable stay for any visitor. A walk across the National Park called The Golden Pond will give every visitor of this city the enjoyment of natural beauty, the variety of its beaches to the crystal clear waters of the sea and the pine covered woods. A number of cultural and sport events occur throughout the entire year and especially during the summer months (An outdoor gallery called Grisia, many concerts in various churches, yacht competitions) giving every visitor on a daily basis something to do, no matter what their wishes may be.

Recreational and wellness centers spread across the corners of the city, in the most quiet of places giving each guest the needed serenity in having the best possible vacation. Just the very basic walk in the late hours across the quiet, stone covered narrow streets of the old city, underneath balconies which go back a few hundred years give the feel of unchanted romance to a guest looking for an escape from the hectic life of big cities.

Among the many natural and cultural beauties of the city it is not a surprise that the cuisine of the Istrian region is just as special, giving a plethora of seafood delicacies, olives, wine, prosciutto, local cheeses, wild asparagus, truffles, as well as home made past with various local sauces.